Open competition, TA’ PLADS, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, 2015


Just like a city, Nikolaj Square is a dynamic structure – a place where stories, history, memory and space intertwine and meet. The Square contains several layers of history, and has throughout time undergone significant transformations, both in its physical appearance and in its functions.

This bench explores the identity of the square through an interpretation of both the historical context and the physical space as it appears today. The bench is thus written into an ambiguous context, where we are closer to ‘understanding’ the place, with its shifting characteristics.

As opposed to the existing benches in the area, which all have a fixed direction and thus divides the square, the new bench is shaped so that it is accessible from all four sides.  This creates new scenarios where the bench can be used according to the users’ own wishes, and where the square is activated as an urban space.